Settlement Security Trusts

Preserving your settlement is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. The products available during settlement are tools to help plan for a secure financial future. Our company provides services including; Trust Document Formation, Bonding, Professional Money Management and Trust Administration.

What is a Settlement Security Trust?

A Settlement Security Trust can provide a safety net for the unexpected. They are designed to offer spendthrift protection while allowing for flexibility to adapt to life’s changes. Payments to the beneficiary are reviewed and revised annually to accommodate changes in financial need.

We work directly with you to draft documents according to your distribution intentions. If the settlement is court-approved, we offer a Fidelity Bond for each individual case. Once the Trust is created, our role as fiduciary ensures that funds valued greater than $250,000 receive the benefit and strength of professional money management.

Trust Assets

Funding for the Trust can come directly from the claimant or from other settlement tools such as a structured settlement annuity.

Trust assets can be managed to provide tax-free or taxable income payments depending on the financial profile of the beneficiary. You should consult a tax adviser when determining which avenue is best suited to your situation. From settlement creation through last disbursement, we’re working with you to protect your family’s future financial needs.

Personal Attention

We work with you to establish a well-planned Trust that outlines allowable distributions that will secure your financial future while providing a layer of flexibility to ensure you have access when you need it.

Using this tool allows you access to funds without selling or assigning future structured settlement payments. As your professional trustee, we manage distribution decisions according to the letter and intent of your trust agreement to ensure assets are not prematurely dissipated.