Protect Yourself

Keep your benefits now, and for the future.

Protect Yourself

Keep your benefits now, and for the future.

Welcome to Continental Trust Services

Our role is to ease the burden, secure the financial support, and maintain essential benefits. We offer professional Trustee services to relieve the family and care network of injured and disabled individuals.

We specialize in protecting government benefits in light of physical injury settlements. We understand the complexities of settlement issues and the need for proper handling of funds to plan for future needs. Government programs are established to provide for the basic needs of individuals within certain income levels. Settlement of a lawsuit could jeopardize eligibility under government programs such as SSI and Medicaid.

We provide trust services to secure programs while allowing individuals to improve their quality of life.

Our goal is to empower people! We use our expertise and resources to guide you towards the best possible financial life.

Special Needs Trust

Manage funds of a disabled person in order to maintain eligibility for SSI/Medicaid benefits now and in the future.

Settlement Security Trust

Preserve your settlement with a trusted partner for Trust Document Formation, Bonding, Professional Money Management and Trust Administration.

HEMS Trust

Ensure that your health, education, maintenance and support bills are paid hassle free.


“I’ve had the privilege of working with Continental Trust Services for 10+ years and Christi Fried and her team are extremely knowledgeable, accessible, ethical and absolutely determined to get it right. As an estate planning attorney, they are my “go to” for trustee services.”
Lynn A.

Probate Lawyer

“The selection of a professional trustee is the most important decision catastrophically injured families can make. True post settlement advocacy requires the highest level of professionalism, compassionate intervention, and experience problem-solving skills. Christi Fried and her team at Continental Trust Services understand these important guiding principles and work tirelessly on behalf of their injured clients. When it comes to post settlement advocacy, CTS is simply the right choice!”

Theodore C.

Small Business Owner

“In my opinion and experience, many trustees are cold and indifferent. This is where Christi Fried stands above. She has made it her life mission, as a trustee and economist, to not only manage the funds and client’s assets and needs, but to be on the cutting edge of medical knowledge, studies, treatments and opportunities.”

Robin Y.

Licensed Insurance Professional

Settlement Process

Let us partner with you to simplify the process and ensure a plan that works for YOU.

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