Settlement Process

We partner with structured settlement brokers, attorneys and asset managers to assist in the design and implementation of a solution based client plan. Our model is to develop a needs based approach. We work with the broker to create an integrated financial solution that best meets the client’s circumstances. We strive to cultivate long term relationships with our clients and partners.

We combine innovative solutions, outstanding customer service and competitive pricing to bring value to the settlement experience. Through our wide range of resources, all available through one referral, we provide new ways to address challenges in both the pre-settlement and post-settlement phases.

We understand the need for proper handling of the complex administrative web that involves government benefits, medical coverage and administration of Supplemental and Settlement Trusts. As a fiduciary for an individual with a disability we have certain significant responsibilities:

  • Understanding the beneficiary’s situation and needs
  • Monitoring all disbursements to maintain government benefits
  • Communicating with the beneficiary and all service providers to maintain a cohesive care environment
  • Collecting income and prudently managing investment assets
  • Maintaining records for all income and principal transactions, as well as preparing periodic accounting
  • Remaining cognizant of the intent and purpose of the provisions in the trust document
  • Arrange for the safekeeping of assets

Throughout our partnerships, we are focused on the person. We listen to individuals and families because of our passion to do the right thing.